[pmwiki-users] Title and alt tags for images

Franck Stevens franckstevens at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 08:11:27 CDT 2012

Dear members of the PmWiki mailing list,

I have a (probably stupid) question concerning the "title" and "alt" tags
of images: is it possible to define them separately using the current
PmWiki markup ?

To the best of my knowledge, the current syntax works like this:

Attach:image.jpg"Alt text" | Caption

where "Alt text" is erroneously used for both the "title" and "alt"
attributes of the image. This is especially jarring if one wants to use
cookbook recipes such as Galleria, which uses both the "title" and "alt"
attributes to create an image gallery.

The issue has already been mentionned here:
The following syntax was then proposed:

Attach:image.jpg"Alt text" | Caption | Title text

However, although the issue is considered " Closed - added for 2.2.14",
this syntax doesn't seem to work in the current version of PmWiki.

Did I miss something? Is there a simple way to define the "title" and "alt"
attributes of an image separately? If there isn't, is there a simple way to
implement it?

I posted this question a bit earlier in the PITS, sorry for the repeat :

Best regards,

Franck Stevens
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