[pmwiki-users] "Upload new version" attachment markup

Karl Schilke schilkek at onid.orst.edu
Wed Apr 18 15:20:14 CDT 2012

I've been using our lab Wiki as a central place to store all of the  
miscellaneous files (draft manuscripts, Excel files, data files and  
photos, etc.) related to scientific papers that we're writing.

Not all of the people using the Wiki are <ahem> power users...  To  
help, I've hacked up a simple InterMap that lets me write something  

    [[Attach:Manuscript_draft.docx | The original draft manuscript is  
here ]]) \\
    [[Upload:Manuscript_draft.docx | [- Upload new version -] ]]

where 'Upload:' is defined in Site.InterMap as:

     Upload: ?upname=$1&action=upload

The result is something like:

     The draft manuscript is here   (normal font)
     Upload new version             (smaller font)

where the top line is a link to the file, and the bottom line brings  
up the Attach screen with the upname pre-loaded so that the user can  
upload a new version of the file.

This works well enough, once I've set it up, but obviously the syntax  
is a little tortured and error-prone.  I'd like to have something more  
like this:

    [[Upload:Manuscript_draft.docx | The original draft manuscript]]

which generates the same output as above (two links, one to the file,  
one to the Attach/upload screen).  I know it should be relatively easy  
to do this with InterMaps, but I'm not seeing how to make it happen.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!


Karl F. Schilke, Ph.D.
Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Oregon State University
100A Merryfield Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2702
(541)737-7283 (voice)
(541)737-4600 (fax)
schilkek at onid.orst.edu

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