[pmwiki-users] unable to retrieve edit form Site.EditForm

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Fri Apr 6 06:55:07 CDT 2012

Petko Yotov wrote:
> Interesting. In fact, between 2.2.35 and 36 there are some changes in the
> functions which read a page text and metadata. So this may need some
> examination.
> If you can test the version 2.2.36 again, can you read any other page from the
> core distribution, or do you get an empty page? Like your local page
> PmWiki.ReleaseNotes for example.

Hello Petko,

thanks for re-evaluating this problem! I have tested this issue again:

With PmWiki Version 2.2.35 all went fine. After updating to Version 
2.2.36 editing was not able. Error message: "PmWiki can't process your 
request ?unable to retrieve edit form Site.EditForm".

All pages are "normal" readable. But PmWiki.ReleaseNotes is not 
readable. As you supposed I get only an empty page.

> What is the encoding (charset) of your wiki? Do you have in config.php a line
> including scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php ?

My character encoding is ISO-8859-1 (serverside) but there is a mismatch 
as I see right now: On some pages ther is set UTF-8 in the head:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

I have no "scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php" but this

> ## german language
> XLPage('de','PmWikiDe.XLPage');
> XLPage('de','PmWikiDe.XLPageCookbook');

> If you add to config.php such a line, can you edit in 2.2.36 ?
>    $PageRecodeFunction = "IsEnabled";

Yes, this fix the problem!

> (This will disable the core functions used for converting the pages from one
> encoding to another. If you can edit with that line, the problem is likely
> there. Your error message may indicate that either the page Site.EditForm is
> not accessible -- doesn't exist, doesn't have the required file persissions,
> or the visitor doesn't have the required wiki permissions, -- or that the
> recode function returns nothing -- which shouldn't happen because the code
> only uses PHP functions that are not disabled, but still.)

Hmm, what does this mean "the problem is likely there"?
- Site.EditForm exists and there was no problem the last 20 PmWiki 
updates or longer
- The file permission is ok, in my configuration 644 for 
wikilib.d/Site.EditForm in the working environment as well as in 2.2.36 
(btw there is no Site.EditForm in wiki.d)
- wiki permissions have not changed, only update from 2.2.35 to 2.2.36 
so I think this is also not the reason.

I set up a fresh new PmWiki with version 2.2.36 on the same server and 
all worked find. So I think it is a problem with old existing PmWikis 
and updates. But I have no idea where to go on ...


> The change from 2.2.35 to 2.2.36 should allow us to recover some special
> characters like typographical quotes and the Euro sign that were sent by some
> browsers in the Windows-1252 charset instead of the ISO-8859-1 charset, and
> saved in the page. The conversion to UTF-8 could corrupt these incorrectly
> saved characters before, but in 2.2.36 they should be fine. If some of the PHP
> functions are not working properly, we need to find some way around them.
> Petko
> P.S. Sorry for my late replies. I've had quite a busy life since December and
> I'll be even busier for yet another week. After that I should have some time
> to finish things that wait for me on PmWiki.
>>>> Claudio Fabozzi wrote:
>>>>> I recently changed my webserver from apache + php to nginx +
>>>>> php5-pfm.
>>>>> With the latest version i have this error when i try to edit
>>>>>     ?unable to retrieve edit form Site.EditForm
>>>>> with pmwiki-2.2.35 version everything is ok.
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