[pmwiki-users] change color of a word inside a preformatted text

Calin Floare cfloare at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 14:28:04 CDT 2012

Hello PmWiki Users,

I'm new to PmWiki and I got stuck somehow.

I would like to change or highlight the color of a 'single word' inside a
preformatted text,
so inside an escape sequence [@ @] or [==].

I need this because I have, as an example, a (monospaced) script, or a
piece of code, which standout in a box, but inside of it,
I would also like to highlight some parts.

So, as an example, I would like to change the color of  "math.h" in red in
the preformatted text below:

%box%[@#include <math.h>@]

To be more clear, I would like to know if there is a way to "escape" inside
an Escape Sequence or preformated text,
and get some commands interpreted by PmWiki, but I suppose that's not

Or otherwise, I would like to know, any other suggestion which can help me
to change the color of a part of C code or an example script
inside a box.

Thank you,

 /V\     Calin G. Floare
/( )\    www.itim-cj.ro
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