[pmwiki-users] Page Text Variables, Pagelist and <!--wiki:$Group.Page-->

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Sep 27 04:24:47 CDT 2011

From your message it doesn't become clear what is the content of the 
{=$:Image} PageTextVariable; if images are not shown, what is shown -- is the 
pagelist shown, are links to ?action=upload shown, or nothing is shown?

If the Image: page variable contains something like Attach:pic.jpg, and if you 
have enabled per-page uploads, pic.jpg may not show on other pages. In that 
case, use Attach:OtherPage/pic.jpg or Attach:SomeGroup.OtherPage/pic.jpg 


On Tuesday 27 September 2011 08:02:56, kirpi at kirpi.it wrote :
> I have a Page template which also have a
> <!--wiki:$Group.OtherPage-->
>   [[#s]]
>   [[{=$FullName} | {=$:Image}]]
>   [[#send]]
> This draws some images from pages in SomeGroup.
> The odd is that images are not shown on the side column, unless I
> browse it as a single page, in which case they show.

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