[pmwiki-users] It's time to change pmwiki default skin!

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Sep 22 15:14:25 CDT 2011

> A css reset is just a group of css declarations which aim to iron out
> browser rendering inconsistencies:
> http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/
> Once you do that, it's much easier to control elements and do things like
> work with a baseline grid, etc.

Thank you. If this approach was built into the default pmwiki skin, would
new users, who may not be html and css experts, perhaps see it as a
complication that unnecessarily raises the barrier to entry?
> None of this directly addresses the 'vspace' issue outlined below.
> However,
> the repetitive injection of the vspace class is an indicator (to me at
> least) that there might be more efficient ways to style the default html
> elements. If you flip the problem around, default html tags should be
> acceptable most of the time and you add classes only when you need to
> alter
> the default styling.

This adds weight to the suggestion that lessvspace should be added to the
elements that need it, rather than the current use of the vspace class.
> A reset and some standard typography css just makes it easier to get html
> tags to look acceptable as the default.
>> > see the "vspace revisited" discussion in this list started 2011-07-22.
>> >
>> > Anyway, having more paragraphs _with_ vspace than without is not
>> > beautiful in my opinion. Wouldn't it be more elegant to use a class
>> > "lessvspace" for the small number of paragraphs where the vertical
>> > space is not wanted?
>> This is a very interesting suggestion and makes good sense to me. It is
>> almost as easy to implement as moving class='vspace' onto every element
>> that can be preceded by <div class='vspace></div> in the current
>> environment. The code would just have to insert class='lessvspace' when
>> the tag isn't preceded by a vspace.
>> However, I would really like to understand what is meant by "proper css
>> reset" and how it would distinguish between:
>> * a list item with no vspace above
>> * a following item with no vspace above
>> * another item with vspace above
>> Followed by a paragraph with vspace above.
>> Plus all the other spaced/unspaced combinations an author may use, so
>> pmwiki continues to honour the author's intentions.

John Rankin

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