[pmwiki-users] It's time to change pmwiki default skin!

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Wed Sep 14 02:31:58 CDT 2011

Forgeot Eric wrote:


> Again, I don't necessary thing everything should be redesigned, but a
> few adjustement could help to look better. The geany website (powered
> by PmWiki) is a good example of an attractive design, yet quite close
> to the original : http://geany.org/ . There are still blue links, but

what's your aversion to blue links? Did you read Jakob Nielsen?


> The reference to microsoft-only fonts could be avoided: arial,
> verdana. Serif, sans-serif could be enough.

I agree about Verdana because it has the "wrong" size:

To Rogut?s Sparnuotos: I _definitely_ wouldn't use web fonts for

> I'd suggest to use a sans-serif for the menu, and a serif for the
> content, because serif is easier to read when there is lots of text

this is not necessarily true on screens. Web typography is not paper

>A fixed width, centered text area could be more readable for bigger screens.

As I wrote, I dislike fixed width design.


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