[pmwiki-users] it's time to change pmwiki default skin!

Laatz, Erek laatz at consist.de
Mon Sep 12 06:21:09 CDT 2011

Dear all,

another proposal:
As PM wrote, the actual default skin is a good starting point for
personal customizations. But what about an image gallery with some
screenshots of the several skins offered in the skin section of the
pmwiki-site. The images could be linked to the skin section, where all
relevant informations are documentated.

The image gallery could be linked in the upper area of the PmWiki
default site so that everybody has the possibility to see how powerful
PmWiki is (and of course - how easy customizations could be performed)...

Best regards and all of you a nice day,


At 11.09.2011 21:35, Forgeot Eric wrote:
> Hello,
> why not proposing a new default pmwiki skin?
> - for the default installation
> - and for the http://www.pmwiki.org website?
> The current one is not attractive at all (blue, underlined links), it looks like it was designed in 1992, and therefore, it give the impression PmWiki is backward technology, and not powerful at all.
> Visit http://wordpress.org/ and http://www.pmwiki.org
> Which one is giving more confidence and self confidence? 
> I think a skin like this one could be great: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AlalikeSkin
> Or you could drive a contest for a default skin: it would give not only a better default skin, but also several new ones for the skin collection!
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