[pmwiki-users] it's time to change pmwiki default skin!

Forgeot Eric eforgeot at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 11 16:28:29 CDT 2011

> why not triad?

While slightly better, it's still using the old fashionned blue links, and the interface is quite complicated with all the options (for changing colors and such), 3 columns etc.
Somethink like http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Skins?skin=beeblebrox-gila2 a sober. I was more thinking to a refreshing and simple theme. 

If I may give another critic, the pmwiki.org website is also quite complicated, with so many links it looks quite confusing (for non geeks people): 21 links on the left menu, and the Recent Changes, Search, View    Edit    History    Print    Backlinks (which is quite normal, but add to the confusion). 

In my opinion, it wouldn't hurt to show only half of those links, and giving other informations in subfolders.

    Home page: ok
    Wiki sandbox: ok
    All recent changes: ok
        (short) : is it really necessary?

PmWiki & pmwiki.org : this part could be simplified, for example with 3 or 4 menus only:

- "Get it", with Download, Installation, FAQ, release notes
- "Learn it" (or something like that, discover it etc), with Features, Basic editing, Doc index, philosophy
- "improve it" : cookbook, skins, pits (bug tracker)
- "communicate with it (or interact with it)" : contact us, mailing list, success stories, pmwiki users

    Send Pm money: ok
    Other languages: ok

I've posted an article about PmWiki on a linux (geek) website, and one user told while he thought pmwiki was a good product, he found the documentation confusing and the marketing could be improved:

I realize the work which was already done on the documentation is huge, but if the informations were more progressive, only disclosing new things when needed, instead of giving all of them at once (it's not easy to work on this, I suppose), it would help to make PmWiki more appealing.

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