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Carlos AB cabsec.pmwiki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 19:17:36 CDT 2011

I found the code that handles the fmt option, thanks for the information.

Is {$$PageCount} affected too? I saw no errors with it.


On 9/3/11, Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr> wrote:
> On Saturday 03 September 2011 04:47:41, Carlos AB wrote :
>> I'm trying to understand how sections work when using pagelist option
>> "fmt=".
>> (:pagelist group={=$Group} wrap=inline
>> fmt=BlikiTemplates#blikicommentcount#blikicommentcountend
>> name={(BlikiNoSuffix {=$Name})}-*-BlikiComment :)
>> I want to know is how that section is extracted and delivered to
>> pagelist and what parts of the code handle it, including the "ruleset
>> walk".
> The Pagelist "template" is extracted with the function
> RetrieveAuthSection(),
> that means only visitors with read permissions on the templte page can use
> it.
> The code that handles it is mostly in the file scripts/pagelists.php. The
> functions loading and formatting the template are in the
> $FPLTemplateFunctions
> array and are called by FPLTemplate(). First, the specific markup for the
> pagelist item is processed -- that is PagelistVariables like {$$GroupCount}
> and {=$:Summary} -- then the resulting wiki markup is added to the general
> output that will be returned by FmtPageList(). After FmtPageList() returns
> its
> output, all markup rules are restarted from the beginning, which is caused
> by
> a call to PRR().
> You can see the order of the markup processing ruleset if you call on your
> wiki the address index.php?action=ruleset ; add to config.php $EnableDiag=1;
> for it to work.
> In your example, it looks like you have a nested pagelist inside another
> pagelist. In some cases it will work, but you should carefully use
> PagelistVariables like {$$GroupCount} and {=$:Summary} because they may be
> processed in the outer pagelist, earlier than what you intend.
> Petko
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