[pmwiki-users] A side=black option for the (:chessboard:) markup in Cookbook/ChessMarkup.

Olivier K olivier at vvma.net
Thu Sep 1 02:42:27 CDT 2011


A few days ago, I discovered Cookbook/ChessMarkup. It is really
powerful and easy to use. :-)

I was looking for a way to flip the board, that is to see the board
from blacks' side, and therefore I tried this, in chess.php:

  ## Now generate the table from the 8x8 board
  $FmtV['$SquareWidth'] = $width / 8;
  $FmtV['$SquareHeight'] = $height / 8;
  for($i=0; $i<64; $i++) {
    if ($i%8 == 0) $out[] = "<tr>";
    $FmtV['$PieceImg'] = $ChessPieces[$board{$i}];
    $FmtV['$PieceName'] = $board{$i};
    # K # next 3 lines added.
    # if (isset($args['side'])) # Not necessary ?
        if ($args['side'] == 'black')
          { $FmtV['$PieceImg'] = $ChessPieces[$board{63-$i}]; $FmtV['$PieceName'] = $board{63-$i}; }

It is quick&dirty I confess, but now if I use 

  (:chessboard side=black:)

I see the board from blacks' side. In order to actually flip the
board, I use this modified chess.php with Hans Bracker's
Cookbook/Toggle recipe with something like:

  (:toggle blancs noirs show="flip" hide="flip":)
  (:chessboard align=center:)
  (:chessboard align=center side=black :)

There is a bug: It did *not* improve my gaming skills one bit. ;-)

Best regards,

Olivier K

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