[pmwiki-users] Problem with trashing deleted files from a folder

Eric Forgeot eforgeot at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 04:18:12 CDT 2011


2011/10/20 kirpi at kirpi.it <kirpi at kirpi.it>:
> Eric and Peter,
> Thank you for your answers.
> Shell commands scare me a lot.

that's not that difficult, even though regex can be quite tricky and
not very safe. You could try at least the wget command posted above,
it's completely safe for your server, it will only download the files
in the folder.

I personnaly don't find this more difficult than to, say, install a
sql database or use those kind of php managers.

> Thus...
> I'll probably kill Blog-It out of my system, trash all folders, and
> just place a link at the bottom of pages, the traditional way:

I would be a pity. If you can trust me enough, you can send me by
private message (not on the list :) ) you server adress and your ftp
login and password (you can also probably change it before that, and
change it again after), and I can have a look if you wish (I **won't**
use regex)

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