[pmwiki-users] Proposition for a new PmWiki Skin

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Oct 16 18:20:53 CDT 2011

> Do you know any popular websites that have 45-75 characters per line and
> don't use columns?

One good example is the Linux Mint blog at

I did some experiments on a one column pmwiki skin with a narrow line
measure. A problem arises on the edit screen, where a measure of less than
about 42em causes the change summary and edit quick reference to wrap
around. The change summary is easily fixed, but not the edit quick

See http://juxtr.net/books/Candide/HomePage (editing is password
protected). It uses 16px serif font and 1.4em line height, a 45em width,
less 55px padding left and right.

John Rankin

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