[pmwiki-users] Again: Search does not find text with markup

Christian Moser christian.moser at theol.uzh.ch
Thu Oct 13 05:02:44 CDT 2011

> Gilles' solution is superior to what I'll offer here.  I hacked
> extract.php to make a (very ugly) solution to your problem.  I've only
> tested a couple cases -- really this is more to give you an idea of
> where/how you might want to look if you decide to pursue a scripted
> solution.  Basically it adds a searchmode=cutmarkup option to
> (:extract ...:).
> -Peter

many thanks indeed!

As far as I can see (but that doesn't mean very much...) this too 
affects only the displayed data, i.e. it modifies the text *after* the 
searchresults have been retrieved. Or am I overlooking something?

Then, there was asked why not just using Google search. For my purposes 
TextExtract is just superior (except this markup thing): it gives me a 
lot of possibilities to customize the behavior of my search page and 
results, e.g. use of regular expressions, naming of labels, defining the 
environment of the strings found (paragraph, number of words etc.), 
highlighting, line numbers, link text etc. etc., and last but not least 
the results are displayed *within* my site according to my skin 
settings. In short: It is just a brilliant recipe.

I only wished to have the opportunity to ignore markup while searching...

Best regards

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