[pmwiki-users] Proposition for a new PmWiki Skin

Ville Takanen ville.takanen at iki.fi
Thu Oct 13 01:43:09 CDT 2011

> I suggest documenting on pmwiki.org the reasons behind the layout design
> decisions. Given that so many online web style guides recommend a line
> width of 45 to 75 characters, explaining that pmwiki.org made a conscious
> decision not to follow this guideline would be a good thing to do. See for
> example
> http://thewebalyst.com/website-readability-what-font-size-line-width-line-height-six-key-website-design-guidelines/
> Perhaps something like: pmwiki.org chose to use max-width: 50em because
> visitors to pmwiki.org scan more than they read and a longer line reduces
> the need to scroll looking for the information they seek, without
> unnecessarily sacrificing readability. On the other hand, if a site's
> visitors read more than they scan, and the articles are longer, it may be
> better for the designer to choose a narrower measure, such as max-width:
> 33em. The pmwiki css file makes it easy for site designers to set a
> measure appropriate to the needs of their visitors.
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Ville Takanen
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