[pmwiki-users] Added meta tags and schema.org microdata injection into pages

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Wed Oct 5 00:53:20 CDT 2011

> Brian:
> Put this in the config.php
> $Image=PageVar($pagename,'$:Image');
> then use the var as normal in the template {$Image}

Thank you, Brian!
I found something the like also here
but I'm failing to get it working.
Adding this
to config.php and then placing (as an example)
    <meta itemprop="image" content="{$Image}" />
and defining the variable into the wiki page this way
into the skin template does not seem to make the trick.

> Carlos:
> Oh, It makes me sad that you gave up
> on trying to give a programatic
> answer to your own needs.
> ...
> But not all is lost, I've made the recipe.

Really thank you Carlos, as well as V.Krishn and Petko for your contributions.
The recipe Carlos made produces an interesting result.

I will now try to extend it and post it back here as well as set up a
recipe page for this.

Thank you again Carlos!


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