[pmwiki-users] Trying to get the installation to work

Michael Ball mikal.ball at tiscali.co.uk
Sat May 28 02:03:40 CDT 2011

Hi There

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I am primary school teacher in the UK looking for an easy to use Wiki for children aged 8-10. I like the simplicity of something like Wikispaces but the free bits are limited, text input is a little too fiddly for the children and then it gets quite expensive quickly and I'd rather we had could use our existing host set up that already has our main website and a number of wordpress blogs.

I came across pmwiki  and tried to follow the installation instructions.

I'm self taught, so have no particular knowledge but I can use dreamweaver and can set up things like wordpress blogs.

So I installed the the folder pmwiki to school.mundesleyjuniorschool.com and tried to access the pmwikphp file to no avail.

I looked further down and then created the index php file as suggested. It can be accessed
 as you can see from the screen grab but nothing else happens.

I've changed the permission on various files to 777 but still nothing.

Please can you anyone help me resolve the problem?


Mike Ball

ICT Co-ordinator 
Mundesley Junior School
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