[pmwiki-users] Syncing / migrating a wiki configuration

Oguz Altun oguz at ce.yildiz.edu.tr
Fri May 27 02:44:37 CDT 2011


I have this wiki installation that I spend quite a time to install 
recipes, write my own download application, etc... So, I want to just 
transfer (some of) it to this new site, change the logo, skin, etc, and 
get a new site with hopefully much less work. In fact It would be real 
fine to periodically sync them, to ease maintaining.

The two sites are running on linux machines, and my only access is 
through ftp. So, no rsync or unison to me. Furthermore, my desktop 
machine is a windows. So when I transfer to my desktop, e.g. by wget, 
permissions are lost. Big down for me.

So, how can I transfer/sync these two? Thx.

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