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Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu May 26 05:40:07 CDT 2011

Several months ago we implemented the *-Users pages to arrive at some kind
of "rating" scheme -- some way for people to at least know which recipes are
in use on a regular basis.

There was an initial flurry of people going in to update these *-Users pages
and then since then there hasn't been much at all.

I'd like to encourage people to check their config.php files, check for
include_once(), and then go to the related recipe pages and update the
*-Users page.

I know I have already benefited by finding recipes I was unaware of --
someone has registered on the *-Users page and I go to look at it because I
know it's a recipe in use.

I think this availability of this mechanism is a significant step forward
for our community (thanks, Petko!) and I really hope that many, many users
will contribute to it to increase its value...


PS Instructions for adding your "vote" to a *-Users page follow.  If you are
familiar with the concept then you can ignore this...

If you use and like (or tried and disliked) a recipe named, for instance,
Cookbook/TheBestRecipeEver then you should go in and express your opinion.
You do this by navigating to


In the edit field find where the bullet-list of users/comments appears.  Add
a new line prefixed with an asterisk.  The first thing on your line (after
the asterisk) should be either (+) or (-).  Then you can put any comment you
like (all on the same line).  And end your line with ~~~~ which will be
expanded to your username (what you enter in the author field) and the
current time so people know who you are.

The line might look like this, before saving:

* (+) This recipe truly is the best recipe ever! ~~~~

or, if you didn't like it:

* (-) This recipe crashed my server, lost my car keys, and ate one sock from
each pair in my sock drawer.  Avoid at all costs! ~~~~
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