[pmwiki-users] Why does this not work ? %center% %newwin% %width=100px% [[http://www.pmwiki.org|images:/image.png]]

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Tue May 24 01:02:50 CDT 2011

Would someone know how to achieve this apparently simple task

   - center (%center%) a link/image specified using a InterMap
   - set its width to 100 pixels (%width=100px%)
   - AND have the target open in a new window  (%newwin%)

It should look like

    %center% %newwin% %width=100px% [[http://www.pmwiki.org

Unfortunately, the %newwin% does not appear to work in this "configuration".

Thank you in anticipation for your help.

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