[pmwiki-users] Survey of browser settings

Kenneth Forsbäck kenneth.forsback at bob.fi
Mon May 16 05:45:21 CDT 2011

1. I don't use keyboard shortcuts and remove them as they are intrusive. 
Users can e.g. create their own keyboard shortcuts to bookmarks *IF* 
they want to, but no part of the site will have any by default.

I also use CSS (not Site.Preferences) to make the edit form 100% of the 
layout width and around 75% of the screen height.

2. I don't know.

On 2011-05-16 12:13 am, Randy Brown wrote:
> I have a quick two question informal survey. Perhaps we can all learn from each other and / or improve PmWiki's documentation about browser settings (that is, the XL capability provided on Site.Preferences):
> 1. Do your own personal settings (for accesskeys, editform, or other things) differ from PmWiki's defaults? If so, what choices did you make, and why?
> 2. What percentage of your users do you think actually take advantage of this customization feature? What choices are they making, and why?
> Randy
> My own questions: (1) I have added accesskey F to go to the FAQ page, and I've made my edit form 23 rows by 70 columns because I like to see that much context when editing. (2) I'm the only person I know who customizes the browser settings.
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