[pmwiki-users] how to put new line in a script to wiki

Oguz Altun oguz at ce.yildiz.edu.tr
Tue May 10 08:51:19 CDT 2011

I am writing a very simple custom directive (:querypst ... :) that will 
make querying a pmwiki simple table possible. I select the rows I like, 
and join back them to a pmwiki simple table, and return back.

Like this:

function querypst($in){
$out .= $header_line;
$out .= '\n'.$a_good_line;
$out .= '\n'.$another_good_line;
return $out;

I am almost there, but that '\n' does not work. In the wiki page, I see 
a table with a single long row. I tried %0a instead of '\n', too, 
without success.

What should I use instead of '\n'?


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