[pmwiki-users] How do I access my standalone Wiki?

Tina Link t.link at live.com
Thu May 5 14:01:05 CDT 2011

Excuse my ignorance. I'm brand new to building wikis (just two days ago, I had no idea I could make one myself). My manager wants me to start a wiki for collective projects. I followed the 'standalone' instructions, as we don't have a web server yet (we will in 2 -3 weeks). The software is installed, I downloaded the server.zip file, started it, and I got the PmWiki Home Page. I modified the configuration file, saved the changes, 'restarted' the server and went to the Home Page again, and nothing changed. It seems like there are some instructions missing on the Standalone page. Or I'm missing something? Where is MY wiki page? What causes the config file to change my page, once I find it? Is the Home Page I got actually my page? If this has been answered someone else, I apologize. I've been searching for this answer for hours. 

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