[pmwiki-users] Debugging wiki pages

Oguz Altun oguz at ce.yildiz.edu.tr
Thu May 5 07:04:06 CDT 2011

It was in
(Thank you very much ~Hans!)

05/05/2011 14:26, Hans yazmış:
> Thursday, May 5, 2011, 11:19:18 AM, Oguz Altun wrote:
>> On my pmwiki site, ( when I am logged by authuser, right below the page
>> actions, when not logged, right above the  page actions) the word "Site"
>> appears out of nowhere. I did not see it in PageActions wiki page.
>> So where could its source be? As I want to remove it.
>> I think if there was an option for a "debug view" that shows where each
>> content comes from, it would be helpful.
> you got a url we can look at?
> what skin do you use?
>    ~Hans

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