[pmwiki-users] Authuser authentication

Oguz Altun oguz at ce.yildiz.edu.tr
Thu May 5 06:49:53 CDT 2011


Main group should be readable by everyone, but editable by registered 

All the other groups/pages should be readable/editable by only 
registered authors.

So in local/config.php I require everypage to require login for 
read/edit, and open reading of Main group from its 
groupAttributes?action=attr page.

The problem is: When I enter a password protected action, the login form 
comes as it should, and I can login (In fact I see the login name in my 
special pageactions part), but instead of the page content, I still see 
the login form. In other words, I can not pass the login form even 
though I am able to login.

This is from my local/config.php:

$AuthUser['root'] = crypt('somepasssord');#super user
$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = array('id:root');
$DefaultPasswords['read'] = array('id:*');
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = array('id:*');

Thanks in advance.

Oguz Altun

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