[pmwiki-users] Whither WYSIWYGT?

jdd-gmane jdd at dodin.org
Thu May 5 01:03:36 CDT 2011

Le 05/05/2011 03:26, Jeff Greer a écrit :
>   I personally prefer pmwiki just the way it is. The markup is much
> more versatile than a WYSIWYG interface. However, I have customers
> that really WANT a WYSIWYG. It would be nice to have one available for
> them. I am certain it would increase the user base of pmwiki
> significantly.

many people don't understand than WISIWYG don't mean anything when 
talking about html (and pmwiki result is html).

The html result is hightly depending of the windows size and even the 
browser used :-(

what could be done (may be) would be enhance the typing help given by 
the small icon bar on top of the edit window



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