[pmwiki-users] Pre-alpha rich text WYSIWTF editor

Randy Brown alongkiss at aprivatespot.com
Wed Mar 30 13:03:28 CDT 2011

Here's a brainstorm for an editor framework, given my limited knowledge of PHP and PmWiki and the experiments I've done with section editing. (By section I mean a PTV, page variable, or anchored section.) I hope whatever is developed is compatible with this approach.

What I'm envisioning is broader than just rich-text-oriented editing, but provides a hook for that project. Other editors not yet anticipated might include math-oriented, map-oriented, musical-notation-oriented, chess-oriented, spreadsheet-oriented, visually-impaired-oriented, film-script-oriented, etc.

1. The editor is invoked using a request in the URL, so any author can select it by a link. For example, "[[MyPage?action=edit?editor=MyWYSIWYGEditor | edit this page using my WYSIWYG editor]]
2. The URL can request one or more specific sections by name, default to "?section=all"
3. The edit form checks for the existence of requested sections that are also designated by the page as editable (e.g. an author might make these editable: Title, Summary, Categories, MyRichTextSection). 
4. The form allows editing of each section in whatever style the editor deems appropriate, for example in separate text areas or in a continuous sequence of the included sections. Presentation is up to the editor.
5. The page being edited would designate what is editable like this:



If an "EditorFor___" PTV is "" or omitted, the editor will not display the associated section. 

If an "EditorFor___" PTV's value is "EditBy___", where the blank is filled in with another editor's name, most editors would display the section name followed by an "Edit this" link to the designated editor.

If an "EditorFor___" PTV refers to the name of the currently invoked editor, and that section is requested in the URL (by default all are requested), the editor will display the section however it's designed to. For example, one editor might show the name followed by the section contents, while another might simply show the contents with appropriate GUI tools and help above that field's input box. 

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