[pmwiki-users] The Challenge: Is there a simple, dependable PHP login script?

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Mar 17 18:02:12 CDT 2011

> Al is talking about a signup mechanism rather than just
> a login.  In other words, some people coming in will have a login, but
> others will be coming brand new to the wiki and he wants them to have
> capability to sign up automatically with some kind of email
> confirmation...

Yes. I see.
That's an old story, Al, still unresolved in a clean way at pmwiki.org.

You'll find many past threads on that.
No true, solid, general, standard solution has been put up, yet.

To my humble experience, *this* is one of the main issues with pmwiki, today.
So flexible a tool, it is really wanting a standard sign-in recipe.

Patrick, if I remember well, was not sure on where key data should
have been stored: in single pages as opposed to a central file.
But (forgive me if I remember or express me wrong) he himself said
that once this problem is solved, then putting up a specific recipe
was not a problem.
Do I remember right?


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