[pmwiki-users] Spacing Wiki Words

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 04:11:17 CST 2011

I went through some confusion about WikiWords in page titles,
so can you confirm that I got the following right?

1. Bare WikiWords are by default not used as links,
   $EnableWikiWords = 1; will turn this feature on,
   turning any CamelCase word into a link.

2. $LinkWikiWords = 1; will do the same as $EnableWikiWords = 1;
   plus also honour directives (:linkwikiwords:) and (:nolinkwikiwords:)
   in the content for the respective content.

3. $SpaceWikiWords = 1; will space any bare WikiWord link enabled by
   setting one or the other variables above. It will also honour
   (:spacewikiwords:) and (:nospacewikiwords:) directives for
   respective content.

4. Since Wikiwords are by default off, the only effect of
   $SpaceWikiWords = 1; is for the page variable {$Title}:
   If no (:title ...:) is set in a page, $SpaceWikiWords = 1;
   will space any WikiWord page name, same as {$Titlespaced}
   does by default always.

5. $SpaceWikiWords = 1; will not space WikiWords in links
   written as links like [[WikiWord]] or [[Main/WikiWord]].
   Instead space the words in the link.

6. If you don't use WikiWords, you may as well use {$Groupspaced} and
   {$Titlespaced} in content or header navigation links or page title
   or in the skin template, rather than $SpaceWikiWords = 1;

7. I don't know how to set exemptions for some page and group names,
   which I don't want to be spaced. $WikiWordCount['PmWiki'] = -1;
   has no effect on {$Groupspaced} or {$Titlespaced} or
   {$Title} plus setting $SpaceWikiWords = 1;
   It only has an effect on bare WikiWords when WikiWords are enabled.

In the documentation PmWiki/BasicVariables does not mention all of
this. $SpaceWikiWords does not mention the effect on {$Title},
but this is the only effect it has in a default install.

Looking through the code of pmwiki.php:
there are two instances of $AsSpacedFunction declared global in a
function, without it being used:
in functions PageVar() and FmtPageName()
Those could probably be deleted.

Is there  a solution to point 7?


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