[pmwiki-users] Remember Password Feature in Firefox

jdd-gmane jdd at dodin.org
Wed Mar 9 02:23:31 CST 2011

Le 09/03/2011 09:13, Sebastian Schneider a écrit :
> I actually thought, that this would work e.g. with gmx.net, but due to
> your mail I tried the site again, and noticed that FF only remembers one
> username and password. I'm pretty sure this was working once, but it
> seems that this feature went missing.

please, could you answer after the part of the post you are answering to?

II have the same problem. I think Firefox try guessing what page he is
loading to know what passwd to use, but he is fooled by the PmWiki
headers to think all are the same page.

I don't think it's a Firefox problem, but a PmWiki one (probably skin
one), but I don't know how to fix this. Most of the time a browser can
manage passwd with login, but when there is no login... it's more

can anybody say if it's the samething with IE?



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