[pmwiki-users] Edit password with AuthUser

Tamara Temple tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 11:44:15 CDT 2011

Hi, Bobby,

I went around on this too for awhile until I happened to figure out  
how this scheme work.

The problem is that even though you set up AuthUser and config.php  
with the @editors group, pmwiki really has no idea what you actually  
mean by that, so you have to set up the attr's for the various  
sections of the wiki

On Jun 20, 2011, at 11:55 PM, Petko Yotov wrote:

> On Monday 20 June 2011 21:55:06, Bobby Prévost wrote :
>> Using any login+password of the users in the @admins group,  
>> everything is
>> working perfectly, I can edit everything. Using a login from the  
>> @editors
>> group, I can only read the (entire) wiki, I cannot edit any pages.  
>> When I
>> go to the action=attr of any pages, I have :
>> Set new read password: ________ (set by site) @editors @admins
>> Set new edit password: _________ (set by group) @lock
>> Set new attribute password: _________ (set by group) @lock

You probably have a GroupAttributes page in the Group you are working  
with (am I guessing it's Main?). The $Group.GroupAttributes page  
attributes override those set in the config.php file. You can either  
get rid of the $Group.GroupAttributes file, or set it's attributes  
with action=attr.

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