[pmwiki-users] FW: Please help

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jun 23 05:59:54 CDT 2011

On Thursday 23 June 2011 09:51:32, Rolska Iwona (WESTMINSTER PCT) wrote :
> How do I open a link in a new tab/window and not
> loose the size or centre.
> *%center%%newwin%%width=80px%[[http://www.newtonmedical.co.uk/forum2/|
> Attach:bbb.jpg]]%%
> but doesn't work....

Try :
* %item center% %newwin width=80px%[[http://www.newtonmedical.co.uk/forum2/|

%item center% means that 'center' applies to the whole list 'item'; the other 
ones apply to the text between them and can be combined in a single WikiStyle 


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