[pmwiki-users] Edit password with AuthUser

Bobby Prévost bobbyprevost at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 14:55:06 CDT 2011

Hello All,
I have a problem setting up a site-wide "edit" password. I created two
groups in the AuthUser, one called @admins and the other called @editors. In
the config.php, I set

$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = '@admins';
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = array('@editors', '@admins');
$DefaultPasswords['read'] = array('@editors', '@admins');

Using any login+password of the users in the @admins group, everything is
working perfectly, I can edit everything. Using a login from the @editors
group, I can only read the (entire) wiki, I cannot edit any pages. When I go
to the action=attr of any pages, I have :

Set new read password: ________ (set by site) @editors @admins
Set new edit password: _________ (set by group) @lock
Set new attribute password: _________ (set by group) @lock

Why is the read password is properly set by config.php and not the edit
password ? I clearly did something wrong I cannot find it !
Thanks for your help !
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