[pmwiki-users] change groupheader and pagetitle position

Markus Heinzer markus.heinzer at runbox.com
Wed Jul 13 08:05:05 CDT 2011

Thanks Petko
That works very well. I take the first way and since the 
(:nogroupheader:)-directive doesn't work anymore I can put pages that 
are not meant to have a groupheader all together into one group that 
hasn't a groupheader.
works well

Am 12.07.2011 03:24, schrieb Petko Yotov:
> On Sunday 10 July 2011 18:39:00, Markus Heinzer wrote :
>> Normally skins for pmwiki are displaying the wikipage-title first and
>> then the groupheader. Is there a way to change this?
>> 1. groupheader
>> 2. title of the page
> Hello. This is not a standard PmWiki feature, it is possible, but some related
> PmWiki directives may stop working. There are two possible ways to do it.
> You can modify your skin.tmpl file, and insert where you need it something
> like this:
>    <!--wiki:{$Group}.GroupHeader-->
> Then, in config.php, use $GroupHeaderFmt = '';
> Side effect: the (:nogroupheader:) directive will stop working.
> Alternatively, you can use this code in config.php or Group.php:
>    SetTmplDisplay('PageTitleFmt',0);
>    $GroupHeaderFmt = '(:include {$Group}.GroupHeader self=0
>     basepage={*$FullName}:)(:nl:)(:div1 id=wikititle:)(:nl:)(:div2
>     class=pagegroup:)(:nl:)[[{$Group}/]] /(:nl:)(:div2end:)(:nl:)! {$Title}
>     %block pagetitle%(:nl:)(:div1end:)'; # This should be one line!
> Side effect: the (:notitle:) directive will stop working, and the
> (:nogroupheader:) directive will remove both the header and the title.
> Good luck,
> Petko

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