[pmwiki-users] Changing thumbnail size does not work in Mini-Recipe

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Feb 23 06:16:22 CST 2011

On Wednesday 23 February 2011 13:31:33, Martin Kerz wrote :
> the mini recipe works great for me, but I can't change the thumbnail
> size to something other than 100x100. I tried both, adding a
> $Mini['thumbs'][0] = "160x160";
> to the local farmconfig and using the (:mini 160x160:) directive on
> the page itself.
> Any idea what could be wrong here?

Please see in the manual the section about purging existing thumbnails, and 
the Notes section:


If you change the thumbnail size, you need to purge existing thumbnails. Also, 
the (:mini 160x160:) directive, and the [[Page?action=purge]] link should be 
on the page/group where the pictures are attached, which could be different 
from the page where they are displayed.

See also the Mini-Talk page for more information.

If the documentation is not clear enough and you can improve it, please do.


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