[pmwiki-users] Page listing with PTV and name

Hladůvka Jiří mail at revida.sk
Mon Feb 21 14:00:14 CST 2011


Dne 21.2.2011 14:01, tkcusr napsal(a):
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get a list of pages whose names match a certain PTV in
> that page.
> e.g. if the page is named PgName, and it has a PTV defined like
> (:myptv:PgName:) then I want it listed.
> I tried things like

I will try to interpret your statements

> (:pagelist name={*$:myptv}:)

here you say:
- this displayed page whose name is e.g. Page1 has PTV named "myptv"
and its value is e.g. "ABC"
- the page Page1 has to display pagelist of pages having name "ABC"

> (:pagelist $:myptv={*$Name}:)

and here you say:
- display list of pages having ptv "myptv" with value "Page1"

If I am wrong, correct me, please.
Did you try  (:pagelist name={$:myptv}:)

> but they don't work. I suppose I have to use if parameter, but my
> various attempts failed with it too.
> How can I get what I want? Thanks.
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