[pmwiki-users] Where park PmWiki while it is under construction? Standalone?

Al Louis Ripskis ripskis at sprynet.com
Sun Feb 20 08:06:18 CST 2011

I'm brand new to the game and am in process of constructing a public 
interest PmWiki.
Where do I park it while it is in construction?
Since I don't want anyone to see it while it is incomplete, I'm hesitant 
in putting on my Internet server.
Is it a good idea to use the Standalone option first, while it is in 
progress, and when it is finished--then put it on my Web server?
If I should put it on the web server from the beginning, then how do I 
block it's visibility, while I'm constructing it?
Would appreciate a step--by-step instruction, since I'm new to PmWiki.
Thanks a million,

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