[pmwiki-users] Including an Accordion widget

Harald C. haraldc at gmx.net
Fri Feb 18 07:51:42 CST 2011

Hans schrieb am / wrote on 18.02.2011 13:46:
> I also added a config setting $AccordionConfig['a-jump'].
> Set this to 1 to get  a "jump" behaviour:
> clicking  a link will open the section and pt the link to the top of
> the window.
> I put the default to 0. This has the effect that the page will not jump
> and stays as is, just the section opens.
> No more jumping to the top of the document in either case.


> Please let me know which behaviour might be the best as a default

I prefer the page to stay as is (setting = '0')

> (in case you use this recipe and not the slightly simpler first
> version with link numbering)!

I use the improved version, but:

1.) on http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Accordion you write:

"The default behaviour of hiding all sections but the one which is 
selected by clicking the link in the header can be changed, so that 
sections already opened will remain open:

$AccordionConfig['show'] = 1;
     opened sections will remain open. Default is 0. "

The accordion.php offered for download shows this:

# defaults:
SDVA($AccordionConfig, array(
	'class' => 'acc',
	'a-class' => 'acclink',
	'a-jump' => 0,
	'show' => 1,		<--

and some changes do not please me:

2.) With your last version, in my browser (Firefox 3) the section header 
links when hovered showed the hand cursor, now they show the (ugly) 
cross-arrowed JavaScript cursor, so in order to change that back I'll 
now have to do some custom CSS styling.

3.) With my CSS styles for a:... I had a "text-decoration:underline" 
only when hovering the section headers, now I also have it for the 
header of the open section until I click somewhere in the page.

Nothing serious, though, that could not be corrected with CSS.


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