[pmwiki-users] Wiki Aggregation

V.Krishn vkrishn at insteps.net
Fri Feb 4 10:20:55 CST 2011

I was thinking if "Wiki Aggregation" with pmwiki would be possible.
By Wiki Aggregation - I mean,
A pmwiki site would  be able to pull wiki content from another domain(pmwiki) 
site and display in its own page (kinda mashup)

Steps that needs to be done:
1. Pmwiki mashable site discovery.
1.1.  Common module for exposing farm/fields, pages with required modules.
(Here required modules would mean, exposing to the calling site the 
modules/recipes required to display the page correctly.
2. Some common mashup rules.
3. Some means of security access token.

Solutions already in Pmwiki:
1. By using curl/wget ?action=source helps in pulling wiki pages at source 
2. MarkupToHtml() available to parse such content.

Some ideas:
1. Improve RecipeInfo[] array to add more info.
1.1 A common means of letting known the installed recipes on a site, 
eg ?action=recipes. (output format could be JSON)
2. Maybe an ?action=mashable which would be similar to ?action=source but 
allows the sites for finner control over the source content, so that it 
displays correctly when combined with other sites content.

It would great to have a module 'mashable' to take care of this. 
Comming up with one such common module, perhaps with scope to be included 
in the core would be nice.


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