[pmwiki-users] $EnablePageTitlePriority

ABClf languefrancaise at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 13:19:10 CST 2011

After investigating, I just found something strange.

1/ when using my default template + my full config : there is a
problem with $EnablePageTitlePriority = 1;
Still having the same problem using ?setskin=test (a test template)
The problem disappears using ?setskin=pmwiki (pmwiki template)

2/ Disabling some of the recipes I use in my full config, I see that :


is causing the trouble with my default template.
But, *does work fine with pmwiki template*

In other words,
extended markup + my default template breaks $EnablePageTitlePriority = 1;
extended markup + pmwiki template works fine with $EnablePageTitlePriority = 1;

Does anybony have an idea why this strange behaviour may happen ?

Thank you,

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