[pmwiki-users] Some of the links to articles do not appear on the Mainpage

adm admolot at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 07:06:23 CST 2011

Hello guys,

The Main Page is:

My goal is to output all the groups and articles on the main page of the site, except for the groups Site, PmWiki and RecentChanges.

You can test the problem in WikiSandbox:

The problem is that some of the links to articles do not appear on the Mainpage.

1)The link to the article about Nietzsche appears here:
But do not appear on the Mainpage.
2) The next two groups do not appear on the MainPage at all:

The problem disappears if you erase the part '-Site' from the code, like this:
(:pagelist fmt=#threecol list=normal -PmWiki -RecentChanges:)

But then unnecessary links from the group 'Site' become visible.

Any suggestion and tips would be welcome.


In case it helps to understand the problem, I'm using advice by kind Tamara Temple, who helped me last time around. Here it is:

On Jul 6, 2011, at 12:31 AM, adm wrote:

//I want front page of the wiki to look like this:
//All the articles and categories on one page. Is this possible? And how to implement it?

Answer by Tamara Temple:

Fascinating idea. Here's how I would approach it:

Organize topics as Groups rather than Categories:


and so on.

Then you can use a page list format (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/PageListTemplates) to produce the required markup. In addition, to get the 3 columns across, you can include the recipe MarkupExprPlus (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/MarkupExprPlus) which adds the ability to some basic math:

In Site.LocalTemplates, add something like this:

(:if false:)
(:template first {=$Group}:)
!![[{=$Group}/]] {(setq grouppagecount 0)}
(:table width=100%:)
(:cellnr width=30%:)
(:template each:)
[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]] {(setq grouppagecount (add {$grouppagecount} 1))}
(:if2 equal {(mod {$grouppagecount} 3)} 0 :)
(:cellnr width=30%:)
(:cell width=30%:)
(:template last {=$Group}:)

Then, in your front page, you can put the following markup:

(:pagelist fmt=#threecol list=normal:)

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