[pmwiki-users] problem with the installation (related to the creation of .flock file by PmWiki)

Vince Administration vadmin at math.uconn.edu
Fri Dec 2 13:43:23 CST 2011

Here is what we did. Most of it is just standard, but one part caused me a lot of trouble.  

Find out what user the web server is running as.  It should be in an apache configuration file.  For us it is _www,  it used to be www,  and something else before.  It could be "nobody", but that is not a really good idea.  You can look at the directory /etc/apache2  or maybe /etc/httpd.  There  should be lines like

User  _www
Group _www

in a file called httpd.conf

Really what you want is the User line.  

Or ask somebody.  

Now delete the wiki.d directory and its contents.  recreate it at give it ownership of the User you found above.   Then start PmWiki.

Another possible way is to delete the wiki.d directory, then allow everyone write access to your public-html directory, run pmwiki to create the wiki.d directory for itself, and then change back the permissions on the public_html directory.  

But (at least on my system) I REALLY needed to delete the wiki.d directory.  Just changing the permissions did not work. (And yes, I know that is not supposed to be the case, but it worked for me)


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