[pmwiki-users] Search issue

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Aug 25 08:52:50 CDT 2011

On Thursday 25 August 2011 15:28:14, Petko Yotov wrote :
> It could be related to a RegExp trying to treat strings as UTF8, when the
> PHP version doesn't fully support them. This was fixed in PmWiki version
> 2.2.30 -- UTF-8 strings in the RegExp are now disabled by default, but can
> be enabled if a wiki admin makes sure they will work on his server.

To make it clear, the feature that is disabled by default is the "Range match" 
in international UTF-8 strings.
Like "[A-D]" (a letter among A, B, C or D) but with international characters. 

All other searches with UTF-8 strings should work fine, as well as Range 
matches with plain Latin/Roman/ASCII characters.


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