[pmwiki-users] using mini gallery with fancybox extension

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Aug 19 21:05:19 CDT 2011

On Saturday 20 August 2011 00:15:58, Brian Tibbels wrote :
> Has anyone any experience in trying to display media other than images in
> this recipe?
> Fancybox allows you to display "html", "swf" and other stuff but I can't
> seem to fathom a way to do it with the syntax of the recipe.

The recipe "Mini with Fancybox" is a plug-in for the Mini gallery, nothing 
will happen without a Mini installation. The syntax of the Mini recipe doesn't 
have a way to display "html", "swf" and other stuff, it only displays the 
large pictures when you click on the thumbnails.

Fancybox, like Lightbox, is an unobtrusive script, it does nothing unless 
specifically instructed to do it. Even if the full Fancybox script is 
included, some code needs to be written to enable each specific feature.

So no, sorry, the current package is not programmed to show stuff other than 
pictures in Fancybox.


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