[pmwiki-users] ready to use PmWiki with useful cookbooks

Forgeot Eric eforgeot at yahoo.fr
Sun Aug 7 18:25:20 CDT 2011


I'm often using PmWiki to create new websites. I decided to put the cookbooks and settings I use on a repository so I could keep my modifications in one place.

The most notable things are:

- The default syntax is the txt2tags one, and there is a set of icons to ease the edition of the markup.
- A blog engine, provided by BlogIt (easily removable)
- UTF-8 encoding
-  a nicer-looking theme than the original one, and a specific theme for handhelds such as phones (automatically detected)

It should be ready to use, and easy to use as well: http://pmwiki-efo.googlecode.com

An example site: http://anamnese.online.fr/site2/pmwiki-efo/
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