[pmwiki-users] clean urls

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Apr 24 08:28:17 CDT 2011

On Saturday 23 April 2011 22:55:42, James M wrote :
> I use .htaccess to make clean urls.  The odd thing is that  "pmwiki.php"
> is inserted in the url.  
> But when I then click on one of the links I get (for example)
> www.example.com/macc20/pmwiki.php/PmWiki/BasicEditing
> Any suggestion of where the extra pmwiki.php comes from?

Hello. In your macc20/local/config.php, set the $ScriptUrl variable:

  $ScriptUrl = "http://www.example.com/macc20/";

Your .htaccess file looks ok, it should be placed in the macc20 directory.


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