[pmwiki-users] Display text (actually C++ sample code) in a predifined-size with scrollers

Olivier Planchon olivier.planchon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 04:30:19 CDT 2011

Hi al,

I'm totally new at pmWiki. (~a week of practice).
I want to display C++ code in my pmWiki pages.
I want to limit the size allowed to display the code, like in the (:input
textarea name [=value=] rows=n cols=n:) form, where [=value=] will be tens
or hundreds lines of C++ code.

textarea do not suit my needs for two reasons:
1/ any reader can kill the code he/she is reading
2/ the code itself interfers with pmwiki syntax and mos of the time the
whole thing hangs.

Any suggestion will be very welcome.

Regards, Olivier
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