[pmwiki-users] Attach:image question

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Apr 7 17:19:15 CDT 2011

On Thursday 07 April 2011 16:49:29, Hans wrote :
> Attach:example.jpg renders <img> tag HTML with a full url http://....
> to the uploaded image.
> Is there a way to shorten this to a relative file path, like
>  <img src="images/example.jpg" ... />
> so I like a relative file path in img tags, but I like to retain
> an upload link for images not yet uploaded.
> Is that possible?
> having set
> $UploadDir = 'images';
> $UploadPrefixFmt = '/';

You can set $UploadUrlFmt to '/images', use the full path after the domain 
name starting with the /. With 'images/file.jpg' in some cases like CleanUrls, 
the browsers may fail to correctly link the files.

> in a certain local/Groupname.php file for the wiki group Groupname.

It is strongly recommended to *not* have Group or Page settings for uploads, 
or you'll be unable to link to any upload in a different group or page.


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