[pmwiki-users] Found out why users in SiteAdmin.AuthUser can't login

Al Louis Ripskis ripskis at sprynet.com
Wed Apr 6 14:43:10 CDT 2011

>From: Al Louis Ripskis <ripskis at sprynet.com Sent: Apr 6, 2011 9:29 AM
>When I create users in SiteAdmin.AuthUser those users are not
>accepted when I then try to log in using those usernames/passwords.
After looking further into the problem I found out the directory where the SiteAdmin.AuthUser file should be, to be accessible and workable, is wiki.d/. But my wiki.d/ besides files has also 5 subdirectories and one them is SiteAdmin. And guess what: that's where the SiteAdmin.AuthUser normally is that records logins. And that's why it doesn't work.
But when I moved the SiteAdmin.AuthUser file directly to wiki.d/ the logins work just fine.
Well obviously I can't keep moving the SiteAdmin.AuthUser file from the SideAdmin subdirectory to the wiki.d/.
Who has a solution?


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