[pmwiki-users] wikipublisher problems

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Wed Apr 6 11:34:34 CDT 2011

I am having difficulty getting any PDF produced from wikipublisher.  I
would think it is something wrong with my own (newly installed) setup
except that I get problems on the www.wikipublisher.org site when I
test it there as well...

I tried on 2 different browsers just in case it was something there
(although that would have been weird)...  Not sure what else I could

I've never done this before, so maybe I'm doing something wrong...

(1) I go to the page I want to make into PDF
(2) I click on the PDF link (or the "typeset book")
(3) on the subsequent page I've tried both entering my email and
clicking that button or just clicking on download.  (I tried the
debug, but it seems to just give the XML and I've got no idea how to
troubleshoot that)

Is this the way one is supposed to produce the PDF?


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